10 Must Have Toys for Babies and Toddlers

As a mom we all know what’s best for our little one this Christmas. And we’re all excited to give our bundle of joy a memorable gift, because we know it’s their childhood story in the making. I’m sure they will love it no matter what it is. I read tons of  gift ideas from my facebook group. And here is what they suggested. I am truly amazed with these moms because I want to buy all of them for my baby!

1. Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

The Little People Farm set is an amazing and educational toy from Fisher Price. Putting the animals in the stalls,and hear fun animal sounds, this will amaze your little one. You can teach your little one with animal names and imitate the sounds as you put each animal in the stalls. This is a classic toys everyone loves playing even when your baby grows up to a child. (Suggested for 1 year and up). Buy it now from Amazon>>


2. Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo

“Cute and furry Elmo has been a kid-favorite toy since Tickle Me Elmo was introduced in 1996. Parents and Family Fun recently got a sneak peek of the 2015 version”  It’s a fun interactive toy with 150 different responses that your little one will enjoy with this new companion. He’s light, cuddly, plush in the body (because mechanism is in the face). Its very soft yet it doesn’t shed fur, it’s well made. All you gotta do is squeeze the nose. Elmo makes a kissing sound when pressed to your little bubs cheeks on Toddler mode. Preschool mode can suggest different games for your little kiddo. It has many sensors and variety of responses that your little one will love. This toy friend can last up to years because of the various plays and sounds it can do that will entertain your little one.  All day Elmo can’t be washed because of the mechanism so you’ll have to spot clean it. (Suggested age 18 months – 4 years). Buy it now from Amazon>>


3. Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail (Natural) – Wood Construction, Perfect for Toddlers or Any Little Helper – Quality Preschool Learning Furniture from Little Partners

As our child grows he also learns and becomes curious with all the things around him. We as a parents are here to guide them and make sure they are always safe. Let, learning and curiosity be easy and fun to learn with the Learning Tower. No matter what we do, our little one will surely come to a point they will need to learn everything around them, especially the kitchen. The Kitchen Tower is a top rated kitchen helper step tool thoughtfully designed to give a safe place for the little one’s curiosity around the house.

4. Gyffy the giraffe

Gyffy Giraffe is a classic ride on, best loved by toddlers. Its an ideal way to learn balance and coordinating skills. And if you’re having a hard time choosing between Rody or Gyffy. Gyffy is $10 less than Rody. This Gyffy is ready to be adopted for your family!

Your little one will love this toy, I bet. Having Gyffy is a great indoor play this winter. Gyffy can give a way to get hours of exercise indoors. Little one can wrestles with it, bounces on it, sit on it while watching. Gyffy is well made so you’ll have time to relax a bit. It  is NOT like an inflatable pool toy but more like a snow tube. Tough toy. (Suitable for 3-5 years old). Buy it now from Amazon>>


5. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Your little one will have tons of bouncing fun and get out some energy indoor with safety handle bar. Trampolines are also used by occupational therapist because of its Kinesthetic sense and rhythmic bouncing. Heads up, parents should at all times supervise little one to minimize risk. Buy it now from Amazon>>


6. Nabi 2 (NABI2-NV7A)

Toddler Proof Tablet. It’s durable and kid resistant, it’s an amazing tablet designed for children for the tech savvy and non tech savvy. The Nabi 2 comes with the drop safe bumper in color red and you can also purchase assorted colored bumpers too. It’s great for 4-11 years old. It’s also perfect for a 2 year old toddler as told by other parents.

Nabi 2 has great parental control through Nabi mode and Parental mode.  If kiddo tries to access Nabi before wake up time or after bedtime, the Nabi won’t turn on.There is also an app named Chore List that is linked to Treasure box, these gives incentive to children  to do their school work at home,or even behave properly.

Only parents can download different games and apps through Amazon App Store. In Parent mode we can install and give permission to the apps we only want for our kids. The Nabi does come with an email app in the Parent mode too. The Nabi does have a front facing camera so that you can use Skype. You can also  download Netflix on the Nabi 2 tablet through Amazon app store. Buy it now from Amazon>>


  • It doesn’t have 3G or 4G.  WiFi only.
  • The tablet has no access to Google Play.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS.

7. Tonka Toughest Mighty Dump Truck

Buy it now from Amazon>>

8. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo


Who wouldn’t want a mini robot for their little one? This lovable mini robot is good for children from ages of one, two and three year old.  All three age group can develop their motor skills while dancing and moving with the Beat Bo. The children will also learn the alphabets, colors and numbers.Kids are going to have a blast, lots of fun and energetic getting them to move around. Battery: required, included: 4 alkaline AA. Learning & Games: Introduces baby to ABCs, colors, counting & more! (Suggested age for 9-36 months). Buy it now from Amazon>>


  • Not sure if BPA free
  • English only language

9.  LeapFrog Scribble and Write

Hone up a potential writing skills at an early age. The Leap Frog Scribble and Write gives instant accuracy feedback. Your little ones just need to trace the lights to practice writing each letter and numbers. It works for right or left handed. It tells you if your little one got it right or not. Scribble and write is a great start up for writing, it provides all the fundamentals for writing and recognition of each letter and numbers. Great for travel for kids! Buy it now from Amazon>>


10. Step2 All Star Sports Climber


Climbing is fun if you know that little one is climbing the right thing. Instead of saying don’t climb. You’ll encourage your baby to learn the safest way. And of course it always requires parent supervision no matter what. It’s great for indoor too on winter days. Buy it now from Amazon>>



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