image 5 Daily Ways to Boost your Baby’s Brain Development

When was the last time you activated your baby’s senses? Did you know that a simple talk to your baby, singing a song, humming, a click sound of a switch, a sound of a running water can activate their senses? Remember how our moms use to tell us how they put a Mozart song near their womb? They are all true for me. My little one is now one year and three months and I notice how he loves music. He hums and sings at a very young age. I remembered well how I would always play my Mozart music android apps and let him hear it on top of my womb.

Centuries ago, philosophers believed that babies were born as “blank slates”, beginning their lives like a blank white sheet of paper. They believed that a baby’s nature and personality will cultivate over years. Sensory play is the stage which a baby starts to learn and it is essential to a baby’s brain development.

As parents we are their first teacher, and playing with their sense of sight, touch, sound and smell will activate the neurons on their brain. Stimulate their senses as they grow, it means more love and nourished mind. It’s food for their brain. It’s our special way to make every learning fun and memorable for them. 

The suggestion I listed below are just simple toys instead of mobile toys. Because learning is more fun when we play it with them. It gives them more ideas and tricks and it builds strong bond and togetherness.

Tips for Sensory Play

1. Touch and Sight– plastic colorful  rough balls. Great touch therapy.

Roll and bounce it back and forth on your palm to see how baby follows the colors. You’ll be amaze how little bub reacts to the colors. I remember my bub at two months, he’s eyes followed his daddy strolling wearing a colorful shirt. Colorful balls are ideal in stimulating their senses. 

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

4 cute critter balls with different textures to help develop baby’s tactile senses. 

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Edushape See-Me Sensory Balls, Translucent, 4 Count

See through and eye catching colors for your little one.

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2. Hearing and SightMusic Box is a marvelous way to soothe baby to sleep.

Wouldn’t you agree how effective a music box is, for helping baby sleep tight and sound?  Through swaddling and music of an ocean, my baby shunned away from getting startled.

While Rattles are effective in attracting baby’s attention. We usually shake the rattles when baby starts to get fussy.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

There are 4 soothing modes: melodies lights motion, melodies only, ocean sounds lights motion, and ocean sounds only.

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3. Smell– Baby wearing is best for all baby and breastfeeding moms. It creates a lifelong bond and love.

Your natural smell is a lingering scent to your little one. My mom told me before to put my clothes beside my bub, so my scent will linger.  A baby sling was among the first I bought before giving birth. It has multiple sling position for breastfeeding and cover when in public. It was all worth it for an infant. I used a baby carrier at a later time. My little one always felt safe and secure and always had a sound sleep because of my baby ring sling. My picture below is when baby was just 7 months old. You can also get it at amazon just click the picture links below.

Watch youtube videos, its so easy to learn baby wearing
kangaroo style sling -Watch youtube videos, to learn all types of sling technique. It’s easy breezy.

“Smell is the most advanced sense that babies have at birth,” explains Seema Csukas, M.D., director of child health promotion at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. And tots use their sniffer mostly to stay close to you.” –

Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling

The curved “pouch shape” design of the Lite-on-Shoulder makes a deep pocket that allows for a more comfortable fit for baby and a better “grip” on baby’s legs. 

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