What to do if you’re framed up on “Tanim-Bala” Modus (Frame up- planting of bullet in your belonging)


A few days ago, a story went viral about a Filipino woman and a foreigner in separate instances allegedly accused of carrying a bullet at the airport. This brought paranoia to some netizens, thinking they might be accused of the same crime. Reports have been all over the metro about a number of traveler who encountered the same issue. Apparently, reports in television said that the alleged personnel got terminated after investigation.  Officials already commented on the issue that this may affect our tourism industry, and  they also said that there is no frame up going on and denied the bribe allegations among some personnel.

But, the news about another incident didn’t stopped. And now different stories are coming out that some people are admitting of carrying the bullet for the purpose of talisman or “anting-anting”. And some says they didn’t brought the bullet. Are they just misleading the public and preventing the issue through confusing stories that people are admitting of bringing the bullet?

For the others who may not know, possessing a  bullet  is a crime punishable by law. According to the constitution “ignorance of the law is not an excuse.”  Everyone should share this article so people will be vigilant, will know precautions and learn because this is not an issue to brush off your shoulder.

Everyone already knows that if you’re accused of a crime that you should call your lawyer or contact public attorney’s office. But how do we prevent ourselves from being framed up with implanted bullet if this happens to us? This is the most practical thing to do and most of us already knows this by common sense.

We should always be ready and have presence of mind at all times.

First, if they tell you they saw something from your bag, or calls your attention after your bag was scanned.

  • Keep your calm.
  • Ask them, which luggage is questionable?
  • Don’t let the personnel get hold of your bag, or open it for you to inspect.
  • Once they tell you which bag it is?
  • Show them what’s inside your bag.
  • Pulling all the items one by one for them to see

This came from one of the testimony of one traveler who encountered the said alleged issue. She was lucky she didn’t got detained and was able to travel. Remember that once a bullet is found inside your belonging the personnel has the right to endorsed you to the police officers for detain of maximum of 36 hours.

And if by chance plan A didn’t work and you’re already a victim of this frame up. Always bring enough money in your pocket. And try to fix it before any law enforcement mediate and it’s too late. No one wants to get detained, spend for bail out, go to trial court proceeding and have your name dragged for a bad record of a crime. Using your money is not the right thing to do but what can save you sometimes. Lastly, never ever admit it.

A recent update from news, they don’t just call it “Tanim-Bala”, they now call it “Tanim-Laglag Bala”.  Preposterous as it may seem, but this kind of modus is so hard to deal with when a cat is hungry and really wants a prey.

Let’s help one another to become aware and callout officials. Lets call on the government to investigate and find the perpetrators of “Tanim-Laglag Bala”.  And to find a way to put CCTV cameras on that scanning area ASAP. CCTV cameras is a guaranteed way to stop this at once. Share this to people we know.


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