Preemie Birth Story & Prenatal Tips

It was December of 2013 when I found out I was pregnant. My first and second child are also premature from an ex partner sixteen years ago. My parents took care of my kids. So, I can finish college and work to sustain my children. I’ve been into sales, telemarketing and customer service. Later on, I worked in a business process outsourcing company. Working in that kind of industry is a ton of task each day. Supervising teammates, huddles, escalation, reports, meetings and special projects. A work where it seems 8 hours of work was not enough to call it a day.

It was also a surprise that I had to resign from work. It was an unexpected decision I had to do. The consequence was hard for my family.

My first trimester was the worst morning sickness ever compared with my previous. I’m drooling over. I couldn’t stand it and no amount of candy can lessen it. It’s like I’m drunk, I’m throwing up endlessly. My sense of smell became so sensitive it made me dizzy. My skin became dry, pale and sensitive to insect bite. I had dark lines in my neck and in my underarms. It was a total hormone change as if I’m morphing into something totally opposite of my normal body. I felt fat and uglier as each day passes. I didn’t felt the same when I had a baby girl. Maybe I have too much male hormone in my body. There’s nothing worst than keeping it from everyone at home. I couldn’t find a way to tell them.  The only thing that keeps me going is my faith in God and the support I get from my partner. I prayed every day for his help and that my family can survive when I could no longer support them financially.

My fervent hope were ceaseless. I made sure my family won’t get additional burden for my maternity expenses and searched internet on different topics on maternity. Including government agencies that can help expectant mothers. Pregnant moms should check on government supported benefits. I also found out additional government agencies that helped me financially. It really pays to know.

Subsequently, I chose San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation Hospital. It’s the same hospital where I gave birth before. For the other moms who might consider this hospital. They have an outpatient department, located at the right backside of the building for social services. You need to register early at 6 am to get a number and acceptance of patients ends early at 8:30 am. I trusted this hospital because they saved the lives of my two premie babies.

My first check up was on my 3rd month of pregnancy. I sobbed when I heard my little one’s heartbeat. Respectively, I was categorized under complicated case because of my premature baby history. They required multiple laboratory examinations. It resulted in Gestational Diabetes (GSD), Urinary Tract Infection and Hypothyroidism. I should have avoided foods with too much sugar to prevent GSD. Not to mention, chocolates, candies and instant juices. Because of my condition, its not advisable for me to do too much walking or even exercise. My previous pregnancy were also premature, one thing probably because I travelled by plane. I really don’t know, but I heard a lot of stories from moms delivering their baby early after they travelled by plane. Maybe because of the strong pressure when you’re on board. Not to mention the stories on televisions about moms unexpectedly giving birth while on board a plane. It’s always a good idea to think of your baby before thinking your body can endure it. That is where some of us fail, our body can endure the pressure but how about the tiny body inside us? Your body and strength is not your baby strength. Your babys body is separate, it’s holding on your body.

After four months, my parents finally found out I’m having a baby. They were emotional, I had to moved out to live with my partner. I need peace of mind.

On my fifth month, I had my ultrasound. I read in forums that your baby should be awake while on ultrasound, so baby will keep moving and the doctor will easily catch a glimpse of the genitalia. Set an appointment when you think your baby is always awake and kicking. That’s what I did. When all other moms are complaining the doctor failed to catch the baby’s gender. Telling them its too early. I had to tell them the fail proof tips.

True enough. We found out we were having a baby boy! It felt surreal, this is what I’ve always prayed for. My dream come true after having two girls in a row. Next thing, after knowing baby’s gender. It’s finding out the best baby name for our bundle of joy. Isn’t it exciting! I searched on tons of sites to find a name for my little boy. It was fun and hard to decide at the same time. For first time moms, make sure to finalize the baby name before delivery. Or your baby will be caught on the last name remembered syndrome because it was not finalized. A word of advice, never tell your baby name plans to others. Keep it a secret with your partner to avoid others from criticizing your chosen baby name or others from imitating it.

On the sixth month, my morning sickness is finally through! It took six months before my body got the hang of it. I felt relieved. The routine check up were the same,  I’ve been back and forth to hospital for my lab test. I also had to monitor my glucose count three times a day for my GSD and had to take antibiotics for UTI. It was kinda hard to control what you eat with less sugar when your baby needs a lot of nutrients.

This is also the month we started buying things for my baby. Shortly, I started preparing my maternity bag for the big day. Maternity bag is also important, these are the things you and your husband will be needing while in the hospital. From maternity pads, towel, your own blanket, tablets charger, extra food and snacks, your little ones clothes. It’s the best time to buy because your tummy is not yet heavy. Or better yet as soon as you find your bubs gender. Shopping for baby things are one of the perks any ‘mom to be’ will enjoy.

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When seventh month arrived, I found out that my Urinary Tract Infection was not cured even after taking series of medicines. It wasn’t a good sign. My obgyne decided to inject me steroids to make sure my baby’s lungs will be strong in case I give birth early than expected. I was asked to buy two sets of steroids in small bottles. It cost an arm and leg for me, since we were short for money.

Days passed by and a lot of things happened. The city was also devastated by a typhoon, I felt stressed in a span of one week. I suddenly felt the contractions every night until it became consecutive to continuous. It was kinda confusing if its a contraction or the baby is just kicking. Don’t get mistaken.

The next day, it was Saturday morning when I noticed I’m already spotting and blood  was flowing with contractions for every fifteen minutes. I couldn’t decide if I want to be rush to emergency. At that time, I was still concerned with the expenses we will pay for emergency facility. I was careless not to realize that I’m jeopardizing the life I’m carrying in my womb. I realize now how important it is to be submissive with your partner in these trying times. I am glad to have listened to him. I will never forget the words he said to me. It hit me. “Yes you can hold on to the pain, but how much pain do you think your baby can bear to live?” Remember that your babys body is separated and just attached to your womb. Your little one is holding on it.

I didn’t waste more time after that. I was rushed to hospital by 1:00 pm and got to hospital by 2:30 pm and twisted in pain. When we arrived, my blood pressure shoot up. I didn’t cry but I was already twisting in bed because of pain. I hold on to my partners hand and told him I am so scared for my baby. He held my hand and squeezed it and told me not to worry and just pray. He will pray for us, it gave me a lot of courage. I prayed hard.

In the operating room, my nurses and obgyne were all in a hurry. I can hear they’re moving so fast, it sounded like metal basins were banging everywhere. Immediately, they injected me the anesthesia.

Next thing I know is when I opened my eyes. I panicked and told the nurse I was thirsty. Suddenly, I don’t remember what happened. A bit shocked and uncomfortable. The nurse quickly gave me a cotton ball dipped in water to wet my lips and calmed me. Instantly, realized I gave birth. The nurse told me the baby is fine.

My obgyne was right all along, the steroids was just in time for my baby. I gave birth on the eight month of my pregnancy, he’s a premature baby. My obgyne explained that I had placental abruptio. My womb was detached early than it should. Normally, the womb detaches after the baby is born.

I stayed in the hospital for five days and my baby was released after one month in the neonatal. When I got out from hospital, it was so hard to leave my baby. I went back and forth even if it’s too far from home to give him breast milk. We talked to him, held him close so he could feel the warmth of my love. I’m glad he was okay. He was only incubated for one week and was  blue lighted to keep him warm. He is now 1 year old and 3 months, strong and a healthy little boy. Check out my instagram to see some of his pics, my miracle baby. Believe in what you pray for.

I wrote this story for my ‘husband to be’ to remind us of how strong we are for as long as we hold on to God. It’s our third year anniversary this coming November 25. If you’re reading this, you know how much me and our son loves you.


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