Famous Baby website wont tell you about this! How Can Baby Gain More Weight?


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How can you be sure that your little one is getting 💯 percent nutrients he need? These nutrients will help him grow and develop in full potential and gain weight. According to World Health Organization solid food for babies around six months up is advisable because breast milk may not be sufficient. Our baby need more nutrients as they grow.

“When breast milk is no longer enough to meet the nutritional needs of the infant, complementary foods should be added to the diet of the child. The transition from exclusive breastfeeding to family foods, referred to as complementary feeding, typically covers the period from 6 to 18-24 months of age, and is a very vulnerable period. It is the time when malnutrition starts in many infants, contributing significantly to the high prevalence of malnutrition in children under five years of age world-wide. WHO estimates that 2 out of 5 children are stunted in low-income countries.”

Source: WHO

I have read numerous whining from exclusive breastfeeding moms on Facebook groups, pages like MomCenter Philippines. Moms are seeking advice on why baby is no longer gaining weight or is underweight after six months.


Breastmilk + Formula Milk + Solid Food = Gain Weight

Babies who are not taught of feeding in bottles even for at least a few times will have greater possibilities of refusing it when introduced to bottle feeding. Most of the time, baby will refuse it. And this may cause lost of appetite. If you’re planning to teach baby on bottle feeding, transition planning is best.

  • Do it on a week basis until he gets the hang of it.
  • For 4 ounces of milk per meal, pump breastmilk for 3 ounces and use 1 ounce formula milk.
  • Increase formula milk gradually until bub is used to the formula milk and feeding bottle too.

I am a breastfeeding mom as well. And I fully believe on how important breastmilk is. But, we gotta accept the fact that breastfeeding cannot last for long. Raising our baby is not all about breastmilk alone. Breast milk is liquid gold. But, let’s realize we need to train them to become accustomed to something else when they reach a certain stage. Like formula milk and solid food. Breastfeeding is best up to 6 months. As our baby grow older, they need more nutrients than our breastmilk can suffice.

There’s more to come and we need to prepare them eventually to a lot of things. Our little one will eventually eat the same food we have on our table. They will learn to eat the same fast food junkie we crave sometime.  At the end of the day, we are their first teacher for everything. Planning and mapping out our actions in advance are the best way to avoid resistance to changes. This will help a lot so their body will continously become healthy and as parents we are free of stress from any negative outcome.

However, if you’re baby is a formula fed baby, changing from newborn formula milk to 6 months old up milk is the same. Follow the same transition listed above. One is to three ratio.

👆Please remember that baby’s tummy is so sensitive. They don’t adapt to outright change easily. And to ensure that their tummy will adapt quickly and avoid constipation, feed little one with fiber rich grains and vegetables.


Oatmeal and Carrots, Carrots and Moringa (Malunggay) are my baby’s favorite puree. Cook it fresh and serve it in puree. Avoid buying box cereals or bottled baby food. Moringa and Oatmeal helped my baby big time in constipation problems. Moringa is absolutely super food and oatmeal is a great booster. I’d rather give my little one oatmeal than rice am (porridge). It’s just pure carbo with no nutrients. Your little one will gain weight and they call it “tabang lamig” (Filipino term that means: baby just looks fluppy) because there is not much nutrients in rice.


Find the best nutritious formula milk for your baby. How would you know which formula milk is better? Read the nutrients content and compare it. We need to check it thoroughly and compare it to find the best milk. Don’t be misled with comnercial advertisements. And we all know that I bet.


(ussualy up to 6 months onward)

My little one’s first solid food was squash puree. It was a mess and he only ate a few teaspoons. I also fed him potatoes, carrots, rice, oatmeal, malunggay. Then later on started feeding him mashed fruits like banana and mangoes. We need a lot of patience and perseverance because little one will just play with his first solid you’ll give him.

  • BLENDER – Don’t forget to buy a very good blender or food processor for baby food puree.
  • BIGGIE BOTTLE – You also need to buy bigger bottle so you can mix your fresh puree into baby’s milk.
  • SQUEEZE SPOON – Continue to feed your baby by squeeze spoon this will practice your baby on spoon feeding.


Put half of fresh puree into baby’s bottled milk. It’s an instant cheat meal for your baby!

By mixing the fresh puree into his bottled milk. You’re guaranteed that little one is eating enough for the day.

👍 My little one gained a lot of weight because of mix vegetable puree and milk on feeding bottle.

You can also try this: Moringa Baby Food Recipe


Though, some Pediatrician do not advice mothers to give their baby a food supplement. Moms like us knows what’s best. If you think your little one is already getting too much vitamins or he’s already overweight, then it’s fine. But if your baby doesn’t have a good appetite. Then, it’s better to consider giving food supplements. Remember that your baby needs all the required nutrients to support his body and brain development. The food supplement will help your baby’s appetite.  It also supports his internal organ to work and fully develop with a sound sleep. My little one’s food supplement is Propan TLC, I’m planning to try Buclizine HCI as I heard a lot of good comments about it for increase in appetite. What’s yours?

👆Easy Breeze Tips:  You can also mix your little ones vitamin supplement on his formula milk.

Don’t forget to comment below and share your tips and dilemmas too. I’d love to know your own experience as a mom.

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(The tips listed in this blog came from my experience as a fulltime mom for my 1 year old baby. Please seek professional advice for your baby.)


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